• Mathematical Modelling
    Consultancy services related to the development of mathema-tical and numerical models.

    Optimisation of multi-variate discrete and continuous functions using Monte-Carlo techniques.
  • CA Simulation
    Computer Aided Simulation: Implementation of numerical models and algorithms using object oriented or modular programming.

    Programming data interfaces for interaction and integration with other programs.
  • Data Visualisation
    Consultancy services related to the visualisation of numerical data.

    Development of scripts for the batch processing of large amounts of scientific data.

    Consultancy related to visualisation techniques like correlation plots, Fourier transforms, eye diagrams, phase diagrams.
  • Web Design
    Web programming. Presentation of industrial and scientific data on the web (graphs, animations, 3D plots)

    Development of advanced web site navigators and dynamic sites using in house developed data object management software.